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About Us

Establishing itself in to the commercial sector of the country Four Square is a privately owned and functional company. We are an Umbrella brand featuring all the solutions required by our clients under a single roof with the concept to satisfy the people of Bahrain with new and innovative concepts.

Establishing trust amongst the client with profit maximization has always been the motto of our company but we also adhere to the policy of providing maximum satisfaction to our clients. We are one of the best digital promotion companies in Bahrain and our services includes all types of outdoor signage and digital displays .

Four Square Bahrain always commit to deliver innovative and magnificent solutions in the Field of Digital Signage, LED screens,  Advertising in Bahrain, promotion and Events with its own set standards and principles.

Our Values

Our Values

Trust and Integrity

We are dedicated to the idea of transparency and accountability. We not only serve our clients but also build a relationship of trust and mutual understanding.

Customer Satisfaction

We work constantly providing what our customer demand from us, this helps in building a better relationship and understanding.

Employee Satisfaction

Our hard-working and dedicated employees are the backbone of our company and thus we provide an environment for them to nurture their talent and respect their hard work and dedication for the company.

Social Responsibility

We not only think about our own development but also incorporate social responsibility by taking initiatives to develop health communities which provide facilities to live, play, work and maximum the growth of the society as well.

Ethical Conduct

We are committed to ethical conduct and social responsibility and so we provide good business and moral ethics for people to interact with us.