We offer a broad range of products.

Digital Signage

High-impact visual communications can do everything from improving visitor experiences and educate customers to drive sales and raise key performance indicators on a production floor. That can be everything from an interactive touchscreen station to a massive LED video wall.

Pixel LED Display

LED technology enables marketers and communicators to create spectacular visual canvases of any dimension and scale, inside or outside. Through miniaturization and new manufacturing processes, indoor LEDs can now look as vivid and crisp as LCD displays, while offering incredible brightness and removing any visible seams. Four Square has relationships with quality manufacturers and can identify the optimal LED display technology for the job.

Content Management System

There are scores of digital signage content management software systems on the market. Four Square knows many of the top vendors – across capabilities, the product focuses and price-points – and we can pair you with the right platform for needs, work-style and budget.


Make a big visual impact in any setting with a cluster of displays that fill a feature wall or entrance area to a shop, office block or hospital. Video walls group LCD displays for advertising, branding, storytelling or even as visual art that adds to the aesthetics of the venue. LCD video walls can be a wide variety of shapes, from squares to ultra-wide bands of single displays tiled side by side. They can also be interactive.

Conference Room Solutions

Communication is the lifeblood of any business. We provide audiovisual communication systems that allow you to be connected with your team and clients all around the world. Sound, clarity, ease of use and clean installation is the key to a successful implementation. We work with legacy systems or provide the latest technology to ensure your system is working smoothly.

Digital Totems

High-impact visual communications can do everything from improve visitor experiences and educate customers to drive sales and raise key performance indicators on a production floor. That can be everything from an interactive touchscreen station to a massive LED video wall.

Meeting Room Solutions

End meeting room occupancy conflict and confusion and optimize office space with a digital display that replaces traditional meeting room and conference gateway signs. Networked displays, mapped to scheduling and calendar systems, show when rooms are free or booked.

Interactive Displays

Interactive touch screen displays allow you to save on time. They respond to commands faster in addition to reducing the time it takes to navigate through a process and present results. If you own a restaurant and would like to take orders from your customers, using a touch screen will help reduce the time required to post this order. The customers are therefore served faster.

Transparent LED

Unique displaying effect - Since the background is transparent, the picture just likes floating on the glass wall, so it has very good advertising & artistic effect. The immerge of transparent LED display not only integrates all the benefits of typical outdoor high-definition LED screen & shop windows to maximize the eradication of load-bearing & beautiful, solute the retail industry window video display issues perfectly.

Wayfinding Solution

In large retail, office campus, education, and healthcare facilities, it’s not always easy for visitors to determine where they are and where they wish to go. Digital wayfinding screens solve that problem – providing directories, interactive lookups and step by step directions. They can also support advertising and push messages to smartphones.

Control Room Solution

Get the very big picture of operations with video wall solutions for control rooms across multiple sectors, including energy, mass transport, manufacturing and security. We help clients design fit-to-purpose display solutions.

Hospitality Displays

Make the most out of dozens or 100s of in-room TVs in hotels with IPTV solutions that are customized to guests and help drive information and guest marketing in impactful new ways.

AV Solution and Consulting

Have an idea or need, but not the experience or skills to formulate a plan and strategy? We can help. We have seasoned experts who help clients assess needs, and then bring an idea to life.



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