LED outdoor screens are one of the most prolific implementers of digital signage. Outdoor screens display multiple advertisements on the same screen therefore maximizing the revenue each screen can generate. Primary use of outdoor screens is largely happening in bus depos and railway stations as they can provide instant information of trains and bus timings. A very important and huge advantage of outdoor screens is they can spread important and emergency information such as traffic news and warnings of inclement weather that can be uploaded instantly and spread across city’s network. Four Square is one of the leading outdoor advertising company in Saudi Arabia providing excellent LED outdoor screens.

Indoor signs usually include shop front signs, shopping mall signs, directional signs etc. using large LED screens is the best form of advertising campaign for all kinds of business. It can largely explain your company services and goals loud and clear. Large LED screens win over all other advertising ideas because it will elicit a higher readership than any other form of advertising. LED screens are seen in Saudi Arabia in shopping malls, stadium, airports where information is passed on to mass crowd within no time. An added advantage of using large LED screens is they reflect high brightness and contrast with lower energy consumption and can be imbedded in water-resistant structures.



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